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Full Metal Ogres – M20

HD5 +25 (37hp), AC18 (chain and wall shield), By weapon +14/+9 (2D6+10 1h blade or mace)

The long wars and the tribe’s fights made some of the ogres to evolve in a stronger and smarter foe. They use an heavy chainmail and wall shields. Turrosh Mak, the orcish leader of the Pomarj, uses many of these brutal combatants. Some of them manage to escape the army and form their own hunting party with ogres and bugbears, often they move to north looking for richer preys.


Kyuss hadn’t only sons – M20 new monster

HD4 +20 (32hp), AC18 10/magic, Natural +5 (2d8 skeleton claws), Natural +10 (1D4 INT ghost touch)

They are found in old crypts and forgetten temples, praying at their dead spiritual master. They looks like translucent souls wrapped around a skeleton. They attack at the same time with their skeleton body and with their ghostly spirit. The ghostly touch drains 1D4 INT each hit, if brought to 0 the victim falls mad. In few month after the recover he will became a secret follower of Kyuss. INT is recovered at rate of 1/day.

Microlite 20 Monster- Vecna’s Worshiper

Instead of Worshiper u can use Devotee … it’s a stupid joke .. i know …. 😀
HD4 +20 (32hp), AC17, Natural +5 (1d6)

Intelligent undead who serve the Mutilated, they focus mainly on finding the way to free their god from the Ravenloft’s demiplane where he’s prisoned. They are skilled sages and torturers. They can advance in levels as clerics. They can cast arcane spells LVL 1-3.

Half Orc Of the Wild Coast – Greyhawk meets Microlite20

Half orc is one of my favourite foe, smart and brutal, the only advice is to play them as they were your characters and not just a bunch of cannon fodder, your party will hate em. M20 stats follow the basic rules, HD is a D6.

HD2 +4 (10 hp), AC16 (chain and shield), By weapon +5 (1-8 +2 longsword)

The long wars generated many orc’s mixed offsprings, considered outcast by everyone they begun to group and live togheter as a race, regardless of the other half of the mix. Usually they form small mercenary units that serve anyone can pay as scouts and elite units. The Scarlet Brotherhood uses many of them. This half orc is smarter than his cousins, he’s higly civilized for their standards and can be a deadly foe since he’s very well organized. They can also be spies and killers, but their appearence, closer to orcs than to the other half, keeps them within the Wild Coast region.

Pest Characters for M20

Roll your pest character for M20 and rule over the Tall Folk, or at least try. You are tiny, fast and dirty, call yourself  jermlaine, myte, snyde …  chose a tribe and cause as much troubles as possible.

Diminutive Pest
• STR 2D4+2 max 8
• DEX 2D6+6
• MIND 3D6
• Class choice: Tribesman, Shaman, Tribal Advisor, Rat Catcher, Grave Robber, Assassin
• AC Bonus +2 Natural; Subterfuge related with Hide/Move Silently +5; Weapons damage: 1H 1D4, 2H 1D6; Dual Wield +2; Backstab +1D4; Melee Backstab is uneffective on standing targets sized more than Small.

Rat Catcher
• Melee Attack Bonus: +1/2 lvl
• Missile Attack Bonus: +1 lvl
• Magic Attack Bonus: no
• Armor: Light
• Weapon: Small, Medium, Short Bow, Xbow
• Class Skill: Subterfuge +3
• Special Skill: Can train pets, 1HD/ lvl, max HD of a single pet is ½ current lvl

Pyremius’ Progeny, a Greyhawk monster for M20

Old stuff, I will make a PDf with all GH new monsters I used for my old M20 campaign. I would love to find illustrations in OSR style …

HD4 +12 (24 hp), AC15, 5/magic, Natural +6 (1D6+2), Combustion once every 3 rounds (everything in close range gets 2D4 fire damge, can also attack)

This undead is the evil spirit of a Pyremius’ follower summoned by the hanging of a murderer. The spirit takes control over the dead body with the only purpose of spreading arsons. The Progeny operates during the night, setting fire to buildings and murdering people, it can pass as a normal man since he’s a fresh dead, but a close inspection reveals its nature, he cannot speak, but it can understand and behaves as normal as possible. (The Blazing Killer – Pyremius, NE lesser Suel god of Fire, Poison, and Murder).

Evil Druids

A monster for M20, it works pretty good as forest boss sorrounded by lesser minions … ready your axe.

Dead Tree (NE)

8HD +20  (HP 40), AC 20, 5/fire, axe, immune to Piercing and ½ damage from blunt, fire and axe deal 2x damage, natural +8/+8/+8 (2D6) (multiple targets)

Evil druids can sometimes choose to became a Dead Tree. In this form they can’t move outside a druidic stones circle but can control evil forest beings as dire animals and sylvans. After the players enter the area a wall of wood rises from the earth, trapping them inside the circle, everyone moving close to the wall get an attack +3 (1d6), the wall can’t be destroyed since it regrows instantly, only the death of the Tree will destroy it. Dead Tree can choose to not attack in melee, that round everyone in the circle will be hit by spikes from the ground, 2D6 damage (save DEX DC 15, no damage).