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Kyuss hadn’t only sons – M20 new monster

HD4 +20 (32hp), AC18 10/magic, Natural +5 (2d8 skeleton claws), Natural +10 (1D4 INT ghost touch)

They are found in old crypts and forgetten temples, praying at their dead spiritual master. They looks like translucent souls wrapped around a skeleton. They attack at the same time with their skeleton body and with their ghostly spirit. The ghostly touch drains 1D4 INT each hit, if brought to 0 the victim falls mad. In few month after the recover he will became a secret follower of Kyuss. INT is recovered at rate of 1/day.


Microlite 20 Monster- Vecna’s Worshiper

Instead of Worshiper u can use Devotee … it’s a stupid joke .. i know …. 😀
HD4 +20 (32hp), AC17, Natural +5 (1d6)

Intelligent undead who serve the Mutilated, they focus mainly on finding the way to free their god from the Ravenloft’s demiplane where he’s prisoned. They are skilled sages and torturers. They can advance in levels as clerics. They can cast arcane spells LVL 1-3.

Microlite 20 Character Builder – Skills and Special Abilities

All the class will get a +1/lvl bonus to their Major Skills (strictly related to their role and class), +1/2 lvl to the Minor skills (related to social status, background, interests) and +1/4 lvl to the Lesser skills (everything else, with a sense, a stout warrior can’t roll to translate from ancient suloise).

Special Abilities
This is the heart of the class, special abilities give flavour to the character, something unique that is not sharable with other classes. Every class should have them. Special abilities can be the classical ones (Turn Undead, Read Scrolls, Lay on Hands, … ), they can emulate low level spells, social/mundane bonus ( impersonation, noble, feared, influent, …), give combat/defense bonus to damage/AC, grant a pet/retainer. Most of all they have to define the role of the class during the adventure, making them not replaceable by others and useful from the 1st level.

Few examples

• Protect (takes -2 to AC and To Hit, and gives +4 AC to target)
• Ignore Pain (damage is reduced by 1 every 4 lvl, if damage is reduced to 0 he loses anyway 1 HP)
• Massive Damage (on a natural 18,19,20 they deal +1D6 damage/4 lvl)
• Dungeon Master (once a day he gets a +1/lvl bonus to any check related to the dungeon)
• Treasure Finder (can detect magic items, can evaluate objects)
• Bless of Combat (once a day all allies get +1/lvl for 1 round to all attacks and damage rolls)
• Contacts (welcomed everywhere, can gather informations)
• Evaluate (can evaluate objects)
• Retainer (½HD/lvl retainer)
• Familiar (a tiny magical creature, stats and class as Diminutive Pests, ½ HD/lvl)
• Natural Healing (every day can cure with natural remedy 1D6 HP to any party member or ally)
• Curse (remove/bestow curse 1/week every 4 lvl)
• Hunter’s Pet, 1HD/ lvl, max HD of a single pet is ½ lvl
• Tribe Charm, can manipulate tribe’s opinion (DC vs MIND, 5 + Lvl)
• Survival (with 1-3 on D6 can get food and shelter for 1D4+1 people)
• Backstab (add 1D6/4 Lvl to damage when opponent is surprised or without dex bonus)
• Dual Wield (when using 2 weapons he deals 1d4 more damage)
• Poison Master (everyday can produce 1D6+2 doses of poison, the poison loses its power after 24 hours. Damge +1D6 damage, Stun 1D6 rounds, Stat Decrease (choose one) 1D6 hours. ST are vs 10+ Assassin level)
• Impersonation (can disguise and act as any class, social status)
• Mark of the Shaman (Feared by other tribe members/similiar culture)