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Microlite 20 – 3 new classes for your plots

Other 3 classes for your plots!

Foreign Diplomat
• Melee Attack Bonus: +1/4 lvl
• Missile Attack Bonus: +1/4 lvl
• Magic Attack Bonus: +1/3 lvl
• Armor: none
• Weapon: 1D4, crossbow
• Special Abilities: Promises (your contry can give you the authority to sign trade agreements, information sharing, not always fulfilled), Immunity (local law can’t touch you, if the crime is severe you can be sent back to your country), Read Scrolls (arcane)
Your country sent you here for a reason, when a kingdom is in disgrace the opportunities are many, yours is the task to find them.

Guilds Member
• Melee Attack Bonus: +1/3 lvl
• Missile Attack Bonus: +1/3 lvl
• Magic Attack Bonus: no
• Armor: light
• Weapon: 1D6, crossbow
• Special Abilities: Blackmail ( in accordance with the Guilds you can put on the bargaining table an offer and a convincing threat like the rise of grain price or the block to works on the new dock), Funds (if the Guilds think that your idea is worth you can have money to realize it, hiring an assassin, buying equipment, bribing an officer)
Guilds are Trade, Trade is Money, and you are a men of the Guilds, nobles can have their titles, you have the coins, and with coins you can support them untill they please your interests, I mean … the Guilds’ interests. A guilds Member is loyal only to the Guilds, not even to other PCs, if he breaks the trust he will never gain it again.

• Melee Attack Bonus: +1/lvl
• Missile Attack Bonus: +1/2 lvl
• Magic Attack Bonus: no
• Armor: heavy, shield
• Weapon: all melee, crossbow, throwing
• Special Abilities: Fearless, Trusted (your words are trusted as a legal evidence)
When a noble is also a skilled warrior he becomes a knight, higher in rank than all officers. You can serve the army or an order of knights with specific rules of conduct. A knight has fewer ties to his family and often considers his order or lord his new family, sharing with them the beliefs and purposes.