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Pyremius’ Progeny, a Greyhawk monster for M20

Old stuff, I will make a PDf with all GH new monsters I used for my old M20 campaign. I would love to find illustrations in OSR style …

HD4 +12 (24 hp), AC15, 5/magic, Natural +6 (1D6+2), Combustion once every 3 rounds (everything in close range gets 2D4 fire damge, can also attack)

This undead is the evil spirit of a Pyremius’ follower summoned by the hanging of a murderer. The spirit takes control over the dead body with the only purpose of spreading arsons. The Progeny operates during the night, setting fire to buildings and murdering people, it can pass as a normal man since he’s a fresh dead, but a close inspection reveals its nature, he cannot speak, but it can understand and behaves as normal as possible. (The Blazing Killer – Pyremius, NE lesser Suel god of Fire, Poison, and Murder).