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The Dungeon – map

The builders were not aware that under the complex there was an underground river, over the years has eroded the floor of the section with the cells, condemning prisoners to death. Years later someone might come back to visit this forgotten prison.


Dwarven Stronghold – Entrance


Entrance level for the previously posted vertical dungeon. The pit has lifts going to the lower level, stairs lead up to the housing quarters.

This level was designed to accommodate merchants and foreigners. there is probably a temple and a hall of the king to meet foreign delegations. Many of the rooms were warehouses for metals and goods made at the lower levels that dwarves traded.

Side View Dungeon

My first try with a side view map, I used gimp 2.6. Trees are made with brushes.

Kyuss hadn’t only sons – M20 new monster

HD4 +20 (32hp), AC18 10/magic, Natural +5 (2d8 skeleton claws), Natural +10 (1D4 INT ghost touch)

They are found in old crypts and forgetten temples, praying at their dead spiritual master. They looks like translucent souls wrapped around a skeleton. They attack at the same time with their skeleton body and with their ghostly spirit. The ghostly touch drains 1D4 INT each hit, if brought to 0 the victim falls mad. In few month after the recover he will became a secret follower of Kyuss. INT is recovered at rate of 1/day.

Stocking the Dungeon 2

I use this for “dungeon on the fly” ( when PCs encounter ruins and the like) but also  when I want to make a dungeon ready to play. What you need is only a map.  Here is the PDF: BUNKER STOCK .


Divide your map into “Zones of Control” (ZOC), in the same level can exist more than one ZOC; each ZOC will be ruled by a different group of individuals or monsters. The number of ZOCs depends by what the map inspires to you. A ZOC can be of any size you feel appropriate, from few rooms to the entire level.


Roll for each ZOC (D6)

1 Lone Wolf

2 Tribe

3 Vermin

4 Undead

5 Organization

6 Neutral

– Lone Wolves are dangerous predators, all the dungeon creatures fear them and tend to avoid their rooms. A lone Wolf is 1D4 HD higher than than the highest party member, if you feel that the level is too low to scare your players just use a mated pair, or  a small family group (1D4+1).

– Tribe’s members are usally low level humanoids with few stronger individuals, their leaders (Chief,Shaman, Champion, …). Most of the time will be non humans (orcs, goblins, kobolds …) but can happen to meet a primitive human culture.

– Vermins are low level monsters or animals, they don’t have more than 1HD. Most common choices are rats, worms, bats. 30% there is a pack leader with better stats.

– Undeads ZOC are usually controlled  by an intelligent undead or a necromancer (30%).

– Organizations take control of many rooms, their lair is well structured, with specific purpose rooms. Individuals will be from 1to 4HD, but never higher than PCs. Every 5 members there is a subleader 1 HD higher, every 10 there is a leader/personality. The leader of the community is 4HD higher than members and has 1D4 bodyguards 1HD higher than normal members. Typical organization can be a cultists temple, a bandits lair, an assassins guild … A lair can have up to 2D6 members plus the leader and his guards.

– Neutral ZOC are often passage areas or (30%) conflict areas, 2 or more factions are fighting for these rooms.


Roll reaction between each faction, write down how they interact between them and imagine a social life in the dungeon with these new informations you got.


Every ZOC has at least 1 lair of the ruling creature(s).

Roll for each room (1D10)

1-3       ZOC Creatures

4          Close ZOC creatures raiding Local ZOC

5-6       Monster (normal encounter table)

7-10     Empty room (figure out a room that makes sense, 10% special room:      teleport, shrine, fountain, trap)

You can roll a D6 for random encounter on the same table. Encounters occur with 1 on D6, roll everytime you leave a room.


Average Party level is the base HD for  random monsters, a party is composed by 4-5 members, every 2 PCs or NPCs added to this number increses by 1 the Average Party Level.

Monsters Level (D6)

1          APL -2

2          APL -1

3-4       APL +0

5          APL +1

6          APL +2

M20 The Iron Skull – Tiny Dungeon

In this tiny dungeon the PCs will face a magical construct and its slave, an evil outsider.