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A Regional Map

We call this land Maglach, from our LL campaign. I made a new map of it becouse I would like to write down the campaign we played.

Here is the GIMP map without names if you want to use in your campaign.Maglach Sandbox Map ST



This is the final map we are using now. The Atlante is still a work in progress, but all the plots and major events have been written. Every adventure opens a new page, we are travelling … and discovering this new world.

New World – Work in Progress

We are still working on it, names come from http://donjon.bin.sh/random/#town, cities description is based on this site’s random generations. Many other random tables are used to determine diplomacy, population, commerce, army, war attitude. It’s not easy to find a randomizer of  “classic/original” pantheon.

Map Making Tutorial

We are creating a classic “random world”, using random tables. I made this map with GIMP, the final version has cities, hexs, there is a B/W one. Feel free to use it.

This tutorial is awesome