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Travel and Movement Tables

In my new sandbox I want a proper scale, something simple but accurate.

I found these numbers, they refer to standard conditions and trained individuals and animals. History is full of heroic episodes of forced marches, but we need a standard, we will have later a special rule for heavy exertion.

Nowaday walking (sport related stats)
Walk 2-3 km/h (1.2-1.9 miles)
Fast walk 4-5 km/h (2.5-3.1 miles)
Fitwalk/nordicwalk 6-8 km/h
Jogging 9-15 km/h
Marathon 16-20 km/h

Roman Legionary
6 hours march every day, over 35 kg of equipment (20 to 50 kg).
Roman “Iter Iustum” 30 km/day (18.6 miles)
Roman “Iter Magnum” 36 km/day (22.4 miles)

Napoleonic Infantry (usually no more than 120 km/week)
Normal march 3-4 km/h 20-30 km/day (12.4 to 18.6 miles)
Forced march 5 km/h 30-50 km/day (18.6 to 31 miles)
Desperate march 5-6.5 km/h 40-60 km/day (25 to 37 miles)

Cavalry (from a cavalry manual, a military one)
Walk 4 mph – 6.5 km/h
Trot 8-9 mph – 13-14.5 km/h
Trained men and horses can march at 6-6.5 mph (35 miles a day) 6/7.

Cavalry (weekenders, horse trekking)
Usually ride for 6 hours/day at 3.7 mph (6 km/h)

Cavalry (cursus publicus / postal service / pony express)
Mutationes (changing stations) every 12-18 miles
Gallop, 20-25 km/h, 12-15 mph; it can reach 40 km/h.

A playable table will follow …


A Regional Map

We call this land Maglach, from our LL campaign. I made a new map of it becouse I would like to write down the campaign we played.

Here is the GIMP map without names if you want to use in your campaign.Maglach Sandbox Map ST

One Page Dungeon 2012 – Honorable Mention!

I am very proud of the Honorable Mention that I got for my OPD2012 – HERE WE STAND, AGAIN – BUNKERCLUB55  in the Mini Game Honorable Mentions!!!

Here is the link to the PDF with the winners of the OPD  Contest 2012


The Dawn of a New Suloise Era


HD 20 + 60(160 hp), AC24 10/any, By weapon +20 (4D6 bolt)(up to 20 different targets)

Several of those artifact were scattered by the Suel Sages to preserve the race, after the Rain Of Colorless Fire. A Juggernaut of Rebirth is a perfect stone cube floating 5 feet over the ground, 50 feet side, covered with suloise magic runes. When activated by some event (usually a set date) it generates a magic force that brings to life 21 Suel Chosen ones (sex and aligment are random). It can be summoned once to fight for the leader of the chosen, its power when summoned lasts for 1 day, then it simply falls into ashes. Distance is not important, it’s teleported at the presence of the Leader. In combat it’s devasting, it attacks with energy bolts (up to 20 different targets) and emanates a deadly aura 150 feet radius causing every creature, construct and undead (exept of suel origin) to loose 1D6 HP every round. This is the very last resource of every Chosen one Leader, many decided to die and let to the successors to use the artifact, before wasting its power.

HD3 +10 (19 hp), AC 18 (chainmail +2 and shield), By weapon +6 (1d8+4 longsword +2)

Ancient Suloise Mages saved all the knowledge and powers of their race in these men. they are magically generated when the Juggernaut is activated, a perfect descendant of the Suel Empire with a complete knowledge about his past and focused on his mission, give a new birth to the Empire. Despite of their aligment or sex, everyone is willing to cooperate for the common mission, wich is to find the Suel Juggernaut, finding alliance with new kingdoms, chose a place where to build the new empire. They are all basic equipped with a chainmail and a long sword. Chosen Ones can advance in level as Magi, Fighter and Cleric, they can wear chainmail and use longsword even if they are Magi (but no shield). All the chosen ones can cast 0 level spells from arcane list. Remember that These Suel are not the offsprings of the ones migrated to the Flanaess, they consider themselves a superior and ancient race. They have advanced knowledges and outstanding magic powers.

This legendary and unique artifact of the suel people is almost forgotten by the sages nowadays. Its impressive power comes from the great skills of the ancient Suel Mages. It’s said that it will help the suel people to conquer a new empire. It lies somewhere, hidden by the centuries, the Chosen Ones will find it a day.

One Page Dungeon 2012 – Here We Stand, Again

My submission to the  ONE PAGE DUNGEON Contest 2012.

“The power of a forgotten artefact has disturbed the rest of the dead in the Necropolis of Huurash. Kings, Priests and Generals have risen from the graves and now they want their old power again, among them are also our PCs. Everyone is willing to do anything to succeed and be the true Undead Ruler … ”

The idea is to play a Reverse Dungeon. What can you do with this?

 1 Use the map and the encounters with your favourite RPG for a classic dungeon, there are guidelines for reactions with NPCs and wandering monsters, the fun is to interact with ancient and powerful perosnalities now undead … you can have a talk with Julius Caesar and Pope Borgia in the same room.

 2 Use Microlite and mass combat, use 1 or 2 HD monsters for undead warriors and orcs, 2D6 HDs for monsters, 5 HDs for PCs and NPCs, 10 HDs for the Shaman and play it alone like if it was a boardgame.

3 Every player leads a faction (pick a random “rooms 2” for start). Green rooms are considered Red.

4 Maybe something else … but I wont say … 😀


RECON, Mercenaries Never Die – Character Sheet

An old must for all roleplayers, RECON (Palladium), with the special flavour of a mercenary setting. Our new campaign is set in the 60′, our first assigment is in Oman … 6 months.

And this is character sheet with all the details you need. The third page is meant to be printed for every assignment.

RECON MERC character sheet BunkerClub55

The Spellbook – spells cost, captured spellbooks table

The second part of our house rules for spellbooks


Spells are jealously gurded in library and academies, but even few shop can have scrolls and lower level ones. Money can buy spells, but it’s rare sometimes to find them, roll for the availability.

• Shops: the cost is always the highest possible for spells level 4 +
• Libraries: you get access to the magical texts by request (1D6 days)
• Academies: only members have access to spells of level 4+
• In libraries / academies Spells above level 4 can also be granted after a quest

Spell Level 1-2: 100 +1D6x50
Availability: shops (30%), minor libraries (40%), minor academies (50%), major libraries / academies (100%)

Spell Level 3-5: 500 +1D6x500
Availability: shops (20%), minor libraries (20%), minor academies (30%), major libraries (60%), major academies (90%)

Spell Level 6 +: 5000 + 1D6x1000
Availability: shops (05%), minor libraries (05%), minor academies (10%), major libraries (50%), major academies (80%)

D6 (modified by the Mage Level Table)
1-3 Scattered Pages
4-5 Parchment
6-7 Book
8-9 Travel Book
10-11 Travel Book (1D2) and 1 Accessory
12 Travel Book (1D3) and 1D6 Accessories

Number of Spells
1D2 for each spell level that the mage can cast modified by the Mage Level table

Mage Level Table
Level 1-3: +0
Level 4-5: +1
Level 6-10: +4
Level 11 +: +6

Material: 30% of the value of Format and Accessories

Spell Level 1-2: 100 +1D6x10
Spell Level 3-5: 300 +1D6x100
Spell Level 6 +: 1000 + 1D6x1000