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Map for our D&D beta

Easy sandbox map for the D&D beta we started last week. Big towns have a short description, all other stuff is decided by Dm on the fly or with few simple random tables. Here is one.

Random Settlement
Roads 1-3 on D6, Wilderness 1 on D6
2-4 Small Keep
5-7 Tradepost
8-10 Village
11-12 Ruin

Usually human (10% dwarven)
Leader: D6 1-2 Fighter, 3-5 Thief, 6 Wizard; level 1D6+1
Facilities: Inn, Stable, Small Market (common goods)
Population: 2D10+5 (50% can fight as fighters)
Special: 30% Villain is here, 30% Hero is here, 10% under attack by bandits or similiar threat)

Usually human (10% dwarven, 5% elven)
Leader: D6 1 Fighter, 2 Thief, 3 Wizard, 4-6 commoner; class level 1D6+1
Facilities: 30% Palisade, 60% Inn, 60% Stable, 50% Small Market (common goods), 30% Tower with minor lord (F 1D6+1) and 10 man at arms, 30% small chapel with cleric (1D6 levels).
Population: 2D10 x 10
Special: 30% Villain lives here, 30% Hero lives here, 10% under attack by bandits or similiar threat). Villains and Heroes can be the rulers of the village (50%).
Base Economy: D6 1-2 herders, 3-4 farmers, 5 hunters (furs), 6 special (brewers, stonecutters, woodworking, armorers, … )

Small Keep
Usually human (10% dwarven, 5% elven)
Leader: D6 1-3 Lord, 4-5 Knight, 6 higher nobility (baron or even count) Fighter (level 1D6+1)
Facilities: 10% Inn, Stable, 10% Small Market (common goods), Blacksmith
Population: 1D10x10 civilians, 3D10+10 infantry/archers, 1D10+4 cavalry, 1D4 Knights (Fighter, level 1D6)
Special: 20% monastery (infantry and cavalry are 1st level clerics, Knights are 1D6 level clerics and the lord is a 1D6+4 levels cleric), 5% Villain lives here, 5% Hero lives here, 10% under attack by bandits or similiar threat).

1 empty, 2 bandits den, 3 adventurers camp site, 4 monsters, 5 undead, 6 overwhelming monster’s den

d&d map x Beta - Bunker Sandbox SL ex


The Dungeon – map

The builders were not aware that under the complex there was an underground river, over the years has eroded the floor of the section with the cells, condemning prisoners to death. Years later someone might come back to visit this forgotten prison.

One Page Dungeon 2012 – Here We Stand, Again

My submission to the  ONE PAGE DUNGEON Contest 2012.

“The power of a forgotten artefact has disturbed the rest of the dead in the Necropolis of Huurash. Kings, Priests and Generals have risen from the graves and now they want their old power again, among them are also our PCs. Everyone is willing to do anything to succeed and be the true Undead Ruler … ”

The idea is to play a Reverse Dungeon. What can you do with this?

 1 Use the map and the encounters with your favourite RPG for a classic dungeon, there are guidelines for reactions with NPCs and wandering monsters, the fun is to interact with ancient and powerful perosnalities now undead … you can have a talk with Julius Caesar and Pope Borgia in the same room.

 2 Use Microlite and mass combat, use 1 or 2 HD monsters for undead warriors and orcs, 2D6 HDs for monsters, 5 HDs for PCs and NPCs, 10 HDs for the Shaman and play it alone like if it was a boardgame.

3 Every player leads a faction (pick a random “rooms 2” for start). Green rooms are considered Red.

4 Maybe something else … but I wont say … 😀


Dwarven Stronghold – All Maps

A: Entrance Level.

B: Living Quarters (common). Caves are Dwarven Gardens, with statues, rare stones and undergound flora.

C: Living Quarters (merchants, officers, nobles). The level has a balcony with pillars that watches the vale, if the dungeon is in ruins it could host a grifons’ nest.

D: King’s Quarters.

E: Stockhouse level, connected by lifts to level A and level G, stairs connect to level G to both side of the pit, a tunnel leads to the crypts (F).

F: Crypts.

G: Mine, lifts and stairs connect to level E, ladders let the dwarves go to the bottom of the pit, about 30′ under the G level.

H: Underground Lake, part of the level has buildings, and guard gates. The lake is connected to the underdark.

I: Common Forge.

L: Master Forge.

The Spellbook

There are many rules about spellbooks, this is what we use for M20, OSR. Saving Throws are for OSR, use HDs for M20. During the campaign you will be able to add many new accessories. The BOOK is the classic “Big Tome”, not very handy, but cheaper. You can have a BOOK with 300 or more pages .. just add the encumbrance … immovable 😉


Pages 100
Encumbrance (in coins) 450
Saving Throws F1
Cost 350 gp

Pages 50
Encumbrance (in coins) 50
Saving Throws F5
Cost 1200 gp

Pages max 20 pages block
Encumbrance (in coins) 3/page
Saving Throws F1
Cost 3 gp/page

Pages max 50 pages
Encumbrance (in coins) 2/page
Saving Throws F1
Cost 3 gp/page


Metal Lining
(Book, Travel Book) Saving Throw +4, +50 Encumbrance, cost 100 gp

Scroll Case
(Scattered Pages, Parchment) Saving Throw +4, +10 Encumbrance, cost 10 gp

Padlock with Poison Needle
(Metal Lining, Scroll case) Needle Trap, cost 50 gp + poison

Kraken Ink
(To be used for each page) Saving Throw +1, Pages needed for spell -1 (minimum 1 page), cost 5 gp/page

Alchemy Treatment of Resistance
(To be used on every page) Saving Throw +2, cost 5 gp/page

Jem of the Index
(Metal cover) -50% of the Memorizing Time, cost 1000 gp

Gem of Protection from Fire
(Metal Lining, Scroll Case) it absorbs a fire attack, cost 1000 gp

Paperback of Deception
(Book, Travel Book without Metal Lining and/or Gems) when found among other books it will be identified as a spellbook only after careful inspection (1-3 on D6), cost 100 gp

Level 1-2: 1D3 pages
Level 3-5: Level x2 +1D6
Level 6 +: Level x2 +3D6

Level 1-2 Spells: level x10 minutes
Level 3-5 spells: level x15 minutes
Level 6 + spells: level x20 minutes

Scattered Pages and Parchments increase the time by 50%, Books decrease the Memorizing Time by 50%.


Half Orc Of the Wild Coast – Greyhawk meets Microlite20

Half orc is one of my favourite foe, smart and brutal, the only advice is to play them as they were your characters and not just a bunch of cannon fodder, your party will hate em. M20 stats follow the basic rules, HD is a D6.

HD2 +4 (10 hp), AC16 (chain and shield), By weapon +5 (1-8 +2 longsword)

The long wars generated many orc’s mixed offsprings, considered outcast by everyone they begun to group and live togheter as a race, regardless of the other half of the mix. Usually they form small mercenary units that serve anyone can pay as scouts and elite units. The Scarlet Brotherhood uses many of them. This half orc is smarter than his cousins, he’s higly civilized for their standards and can be a deadly foe since he’s very well organized. They can also be spies and killers, but their appearence, closer to orcs than to the other half, keeps them within the Wild Coast region.


This is the final map we are using now. The Atlante is still a work in progress, but all the plots and major events have been written. Every adventure opens a new page, we are travelling … and discovering this new world.