D&D Playtest, we give up

Each new update makes it worse. We will not play that thing.  After a promising beginning … it’s really a shame.

I save the awesome “magic items creation”. I suggest you all to cannabalize it and use it in your house rules.


4 responses to “D&D Playtest, we give up


    I’m enjoying the playtesting. So far I’m cool with it. I have a great dislike of 4th.

  • bunkerclub55

    I do not like this 5ed, but I think I should at least give a reason, i give 2 for the melee combat system.
    – Martial damage dice and martial damage bonus
    – Maneuvers (the list will soon be endless i guess, and atm there are very powerful ones usable every combat round)
    so i have this feeling … it will turn in to a super hero rpg 😀

    let me know if soemthijng changes and it backs to a less “heroic” playstyle, i could give a second try, but honestly i dont think they will go in that direction 😦 —> barbarian, double weapons … triple weapons next? lol 😀

  • Qi-Long

    I gave up long ago. As you said, a couple of good ideas here and there, but overall a huge mess.
    My major reasons were the advantage dice, the awful GM guidelines and the skill “system”.
    Wotc should stick to reprinting the old stuff, and forget 5e ^_^

  • bunkerclub55

    i perhaps had too high expectations, but i really wanted a new “old style” dd … now we are playn warhammer .. 1st edition 🙂 we played before, and now im surprised how it works good (with all its faults, that i dnt find so many btw…). soon we will also try Game of thrones rpg, im not not excited but curious.

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