One Page Dungeon 2012 – Honorable Mention!

I am very proud of the Honorable Mention that I got for my OPD2012 – HERE WE STAND, AGAIN – BUNKERCLUB55  in the Mini Game Honorable Mentions!!!

Here is the link to the PDF with the winners of the OPD  Contest 2012



4 responses to “One Page Dungeon 2012 – Honorable Mention!

  • Qi-Long

    I think my players (almost) unexpectedly entering the Realms of the Dead just gave an opportunity of running your OPD with Rolemaster ^_^

  • bunkerclub55

    Lemme know if they manage to survive or if they meet some ancient numenorean king!

  • Qi-Long

    well, they’ve managed to survive and return to the land of the living, but in doing so they released the army of the dead upon the world.
    The fun part: they perfectly knew the consequences of activating the artifact, but they did it anyway because “what the hell, someone else will deal with this damned undead horde, we’ll just run away very fast, let’s get out of here!” ^_^

  • bunkerclub55

    yeah! that’s the spirit!!! 😀 😀 😀
    some boring hero from gondor will fix it lol!!!

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