I use these brushes I made. You can cut and save as “brushes” on GIMP. Inkscape would be better for “lines”, but since they are so small on maps they dont’t have to be perfect, you can draw your own brushes on Inkscape and then save later on GIMP.


3 responses to “Brushes

  • Topramesk

    Brilliant, thank you! 🙂

  • The Bane

    I hadn’t given the idea of using Inkscape to make the Gimp brushes much thought before. But now that I see ’em, I get it. Whenever I was trying to do brushes for Gimp, I was using Gimp and the brushes looked rough. With Inkscape you can get a much smoother brush! I dig it.

    I hadn’t noticed either that you had put hills at the bottom of your mountain brushes. I was thinking that having to alternate brushes; from mountain to hills, must have driven you nuts when I saw the previous maps. Doh! Now I get it.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  • bunkerclub55

    ty guys for your comments!!! i wanna see ur brushes soon!!!

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