Coast Map for a new Sandbox

Here is where my players will have hard times in a close future, but I still have to fill the map.. at the moment I have the ground.


Also without hexes.


5 responses to “Coast Map for a new Sandbox

  • thebabblingbane

    I really like the maps! How did you make them, if you don’t mind me asking? Thanks for sharing!


  • bunkerclub55

    Hello The Bane πŸ˜€
    Everything done with GIMP. I made ​​some new brushes for the mountains, hills and trees. I used a layer for each element (mountains and hills / trees / water / roads/ villages / symbols / hexes/ etc), it may be convenient to paint, and it also simplifies if I have to delete something. I started from the mountains, trying to save space for roads and cities .. but I did get carried away .. I have to cancel a few mountains here and there … lol

  • thebabblingbane

    I really like it. More questions though; what scale are the hexes at, the brushes you mention, are they of the pipe variety or standard brushes, and finally, would you share them?


  • Telecanter

    Yeah, really crisp and clean. I like it a lot. Great job.

  • bunkerclub55

    ty Telecanter πŸ˜€

    @Bane: my sandbox will be very small, so :
    road :1day=2 hexes walk / 3 hexes horse
    off road: 1 day =1 hex walk / 2 hexes horse; hills : 2 day= 1 hex walk/ 2 hexes horse, swamp: 3days = 1hex walking / horse; mountains:4 days = 1hex walking / horse
    if you need a bigger scale multiplies it πŸ˜€
    I will post the pic of the brushes soon, u can cut and use them as u wish πŸ˜€

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