Dwarven Stronghold – All Maps

A: Entrance Level.

B: Living Quarters (common). Caves are Dwarven Gardens, with statues, rare stones and undergound flora.

C: Living Quarters (merchants, officers, nobles). The level has a balcony with pillars that watches the vale, if the dungeon is in ruins it could host a grifons’ nest.

D: King’s Quarters.

E: Stockhouse level, connected by lifts to level A and level G, stairs connect to level G to both side of the pit, a tunnel leads to the crypts (F).

F: Crypts.

G: Mine, lifts and stairs connect to level E, ladders let the dwarves go to the bottom of the pit, about 30′ under the G level.

H: Underground Lake, part of the level has buildings, and guard gates. The lake is connected to the underdark.

I: Common Forge.

L: Master Forge.


6 responses to “Dwarven Stronghold – All Maps

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  • Orsobuffo

    This maps are so cool someone should stock them! ^^ Have you used them in some game? What if the Italian OSR community tried a cooperative effort? Is there enough people? We might stock it as an abandoned stronghold, invaded by monsters coming from below. “dungeon level” might start at 1 for the entrance, and go up to level 3 or 4 upwards and downwards. For a faster stocking, we might describe only the special/trap/treasure rooms and leave general monsters to custom made encounter chart for each level.
    By the way, what are the spirals (or Gs?) you’ve put for example in the middle of level L?

  • bunkerclub55

    Ty again Orso !
    I never used this map in game, this is my first one. we quit fantasy for a while and we are playing Recon now, we will maybe back to a fantasy setting in 2-3 months. Spirals are stairs, the strange dots (levels I, L) are lava.
    Sure! the cooperative stocking is a great idea! as u suggest i usually have main rooms with description and an encounter table for every level for all other rooms. I can give u a detailed description of the G area (stairs and mines below).
    It would be nice to work togheter on a megaduneon … other levels can be made … getting experienced πŸ˜‰

  • Orsobuffo

    Ok let’s do this!! Something like a basic level template might be useful: general appearance/random encounters (and maybe random room features?) to be followed by special rooms with traps, treasures and unique features.
    Arioch from Qilong, Federico Pilleri from Giochi e Pensieri, Mauro Longo from Caponata Meccanica are the first names that come to my mind – it would be great to have each level stocked by a different GM.
    Since you made the maps, it must be you to make the “Call to Arms” and give us the general guide lines!
    Moreover, a general idea of the whole situation might help: what creatures rule the lower levels? What factions reside in each level? Which are allied, and which compete for control? What legendary McGuffin can be found in the deepest areas?
    And, how should we discuss all this? πŸ™‚

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