Microlite 20 Class Builder 2.0 PDF

Old posts all in one PDF with the house rules for the creation of new classes in your M20 campaign 😀



2 responses to “Microlite 20 Class Builder 2.0 PDF

  • The Bane

    Glad to see you publish this, was looking forward to it. I like that most things are in a bonus/level layout, with a +1 to +4 range. Even skills go this route except there is no +1/3lvl increment.

    The only thing I REALLY miss, from the first incarnation of this, is the Cost. You give great examples of what each area’s range might represent; ie. “This bonus is for people that have some knowledge about magic and supernatural, they studied something in their youth but are not familiar with magic,” but I have no way of making a class that is equivalent to your Duelist example. At least not without figuring out some form of Cost equivalents.

    How are you releasing this, license wise? Creative Commons? I would like to tweak it some, for my house rules ~ such as Fighting Styles, and put it out for free or as a part of a product, that’s why I ask.


  • bunkerclub55

    Thank you The Bane!
    I know costs are helpful, I will give a try to add a list with costs.
    but if it’s easy to give costs for attack bonus, skills,magic and equipment it is very difficult to balance the costs of the special abilities (also because they are at the discreption of the Dm, aand they are endless).
    another thing that can be a problem is when it comes to spend those little points left after the class is done, maxing the class with bonus that aren’t appropriate.
    feel free to use anything u see on here, just quote me 😀

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