Nobles ad Officers – The Court M20 new classes

• Melee Attack Bonus: +1/2 lvl
• Missile Attack Bonus: +1/2 lvl
• Magic Attack Bonus: +1/3 lvl
• Armor: heavy, shield
• Weapon: 1D8, all missile
• Special Abilities: Authority (lower classes bow and obey, officers, advisors and the ruler must receive you and grant some favours), Revenue (each month he can spend up to 1D6x500 gp, money isn’t stockable), Read Scrolls (arcane)

Trained from the youth to be a leader, a noble will always show his social status and take advantage from it. If you play a noble you will be the heir of one of the most famous House of the region.They usually stand for causes that can advance their Houses in the social ranking with no regrets about the losses.

• Melee Attack Bonus: +1/2 lvl
• Missile Attack Bonus: +1/2 lvl
• Magic Attack Bonus: no
• Armor: medium, shield
• Weapon:1D8, polearm, crossbow
• Special Abilities: Call Guards (at every moment an officer can summon guards, when he has time he can summon up to Lvlx2 +1D6 guards, in sudden situations 1D6+1 guards), Man of the Law (you can accuse, jail, interrogate, search)

Probably you are a minor noble, you serve under the citywatch, you have access to court.


2 responses to “Nobles ad Officers – The Court M20 new classes

  • The Bane

    So, how do these all ‘balance’ out, assuming they do? If they don’t, that’s cool, just wondering what the status was on the PDF. I started trying to figure out how you were costing these Classes, based on your old Character Builder, and for the life of me couldn’t come up with a way.


  • bunkerclub55

    The PDF is almost done, i have to cut a few things and i will post soon 😀 There are no costs for the classes, every set of classes is made for a specific campaign and the DM has to balance them depending by what he needs for his adventures and background, im writing a sample setting with new careers (the ones im posting here).
    THis builder is mostly for specific setting, whre basic classes are too overpowered or too generic and you need something more attuned with the story you want to run. So there are no points, players are out of the room :D, the DM will make em picking the bonus he thinks best fit the class he is making

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