New classes for a Conspiracy setting – Microlite 20

These are new classes for a conspiracy setting, an urban campaign set in the court of a decadent kingdom, where is difficult to meet an orc but easy to be stabbed by words and daggers. Adventures should be centered on political plots, the aim of the campaign is to defend the crown or bring the country into the chaos of a civil revolt. Interaction with NPCs is more important than pure combat.

Inspirations for adventures may come from old classics (The Three Musketeers) or fantasy sagas (A Game of Thrones).
• Melee Attack Bonus: +1/4 lvl
• Missile Attack Bonus: +1/4 lvl
• Magic Attack Bonus: +1/3 lvl
• Armor: none
• Weapon: 1D4, crossbow
• Special Abilities: Influence (your wise advices can modify, stop, support the requests of other advisors, nobles, Guilds members, officers, diplomats), High Rank (you are one of the King’s men, even if not noble you are feared, respected and obeyed), Read Scrolls (arcane)
You are one of the leader of the country, your ideas and opinions are listened by the ruler himslef, at higer levels you could even have a quarrel with him ad win, depending by the influence you gained with your contacts and plots.

• Melee Attack Bonus: +1/3 lvl
• Missile Attack Bonus: +1/3 lvl
• Magic Attack Bonus: +1/2 lvl
• Armor: light
• Weapon: 1D4, crossbow
• Special Abilities: Banter (if you know a secret you can write a song about your target, all his social tasks will have a malus of ½ of your levels for 2D4 days), Read Scrolls (arcane)
Can cast Arcane spell with a spell level equal or below their current level /4 rounded up
Everyone enjoys music and smart jokes. You are welcomed and well paied untill you please your listeners, and you perfectly know this fact. With your songs you gained a place at the court, the king enjoys your music, you are one of the few that can really check his thoughts and feelings, or you can chose to be close to another faction and make fun of him …

• Melee Attack Bonus: +1/3 lvl
• Missile Attack Bonus: +1/3 lvl
• Magic Attack Bonus: +1/3 lvl
• Armor: light
• Weapon: 1D6, crossbow
• Skills: (optional, a one word description of the Major Skills, Minor skills, Lesser skills)
• Special Abilities: Gossip (can spread false or true voices, ruin a career, uncover a plot, bait for other informations), Read Scrolls (arcane)
You are part of the lesser nobility, leeching in the court, living of smiles and bows. You have access to many informations, no one is too high or too powerful to hide his vices, his sins and secrets. A courtier can also be a powerful noble now fallen in disgrace.

• Melee Attack Bonus: +1/lvl
• Missile Attack Bonus: +1/3 lvl
• Magic Attack Bonus: no
• Armor: medium, shield
• Weapon: All, crossbow
• Special Abilities: Feared (opponents aware of his profession fights with -2 to hit and +1 AC, defensive stance, only knights and special units ignore this rule), Lethal (if the to hit roll is 5 higher than opponent AC the duelist deals +1D6 damage every 5 lvl), Fearless.
A noble in disgrace or a skilled adventurer, you can fight for nobles or for yourself, everyone in town knows your name, people loves romantic swordmasters. You can be a selfish disenchanted individual or an hopeless idealist, either way you are deadly, and you like it.


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