Pest Characters for M20

Roll your pest character for M20 and rule over the Tall Folk, or at least try. You are tiny, fast and dirty, call yourself  jermlaine, myte, snyde …  chose a tribe and cause as much troubles as possible.

Diminutive Pest
• STR 2D4+2 max 8
• DEX 2D6+6
• MIND 3D6
• Class choice: Tribesman, Shaman, Tribal Advisor, Rat Catcher, Grave Robber, Assassin
• AC Bonus +2 Natural; Subterfuge related with Hide/Move Silently +5; Weapons damage: 1H 1D4, 2H 1D6; Dual Wield +2; Backstab +1D4; Melee Backstab is uneffective on standing targets sized more than Small.

Rat Catcher
• Melee Attack Bonus: +1/2 lvl
• Missile Attack Bonus: +1 lvl
• Magic Attack Bonus: no
• Armor: Light
• Weapon: Small, Medium, Short Bow, Xbow
• Class Skill: Subterfuge +3
• Special Skill: Can train pets, 1HD/ lvl, max HD of a single pet is ½ current lvl


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