This is the final map we are using now. The Atlante is still a work in progress, but all the plots and major events have been written. Every adventure opens a new page, we are travelling … and discovering this new world.


2 responses to “BEROCH

  • Greyhawk Knight


    What’s the scale?

  • bunkerclub55

    thank you Greyhawk Knight 😀
    we adopt a simple scale system, one hex is 3 days of travel in plains, mountains double the time if a trail is known, if not there is a chance of 1on D6 every 2 days of finding one
    forests are 4 days with road (if any) or 6 days in dense woods with no roads
    horses (in plains and forests with roads) make u save 2 days for each hex.
    sea: 1 hex =1 day

    in the lower part of the map there is a line with 3 “suns”, that was my timid try to put a scale lol!

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