Random Skill of the Risen

You have been raised, you are not dead anymore but roll on here  if something is changed in you.


1            You gain speak with dead 1/day.

2            You can feel the presence of undead 30’ radius.

3            Change your aligment (roll a random one).

4            You gain +1 to hit and damage the creature’s kind that killed you.

5            Creature’s kind that killed you cause fear as the spell.

6            You will slowly turn into a ghoul.

7            Non intelligent undead will ignore you if not attacked.

8            Immune to scrying abilities and objects.

9             Next time you die you turn into a wight, you can’t be raised or                                    ressurected.

10           Berserker, when HPs are brought to 10% you gain 10 temporary HPs,                       +2 to hit and damage, immunity to mind effects and will attack                                     anyone in sight. The effect lasts untill alive or the PC is the last one                             standing.


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